Children's Mouthguards in Fort Worth – Best Mouthguards for Sport And Dental Needs

Here at Perfect Dentistry, we design and fabricate some of the best children’s mouthguards in Fort Worth for sporting and dental needs. Designed to help eradicate the risk of injury to your child’s teeth, tongue, lips, and jaw, they’re an essential piece of equipment when taking part in recreational and/or sporting activity.

As our custom mouthguards for kids are made to fit, it doesn’t matter the age or size of your child.

Whether you’re in need of extra small mouthguards for your young child or a regular mouthguard for your football playing teen, let Perfect Dental custom-make a mouthguard for you. We can even make a kids clear mouthguard for complete discretion.

Why custom mouthguards in Fort Worth are the better choice

You can purchase child’s mouthguards for sport for as little as a few dollars and usually they fall under the guise of stock mouthguards and boil and bite safety guards. Most sporting goods stores sell these types and while they do offer protection, it’s thought to be in a relatively limited capacity. Of the two types, the boil and bite variety offers more protection as they can be molded onto the teeth for a better fit.

Alternatively, custom mouth guards for kids are made by your dentist. While you may probably pay a little more, they offer the greatest protection – Why? Because they’re custom made to fit the exact contours of your child’s mouth. Here’s how we make the best children’s mouthguards in Fort Worth.

We begin by taking an impression of your child’s teeth. Then from the mold taken the mouthguard is made. We can even utilize your child’s team colors if they want. While they may be more expensive and (because they’re custom-made) take longer to fit, they’re often far more comfortable and fully approved by the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).

Other reasons for custom mouthguards for kids in Fort Worth?

One well known pediatric dental condition is bruxism or teeth grinding. Experts suggest that 2-3 out of every 10 kids will grind their teeth at night. As it occurs mainly when the child is asleep, many won’t even know they’re doing it. While most children do grow out of it, our custom nightguards for kids help to protect the teeth from the symptoms of bruxism when they need it most. These include jaw pain, excessive tooth wear, and tension headaches.

To find out more about our custom mouthguards for kids and custom nightguards, why not give us a call and let us design the perfect pediatric mouthguard for teeth grinding or a bespoke sports mouthguard for your child.

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Our Happy Patients

"Really great staff!!! I walked in with pain and left feeling so much better. They took x-rays with my little girl safely in the next room where I could hear her watching TV. Then the doctor came in and gave me a treatment plan, which includes me seeing an oral surgeon and overdue cleaning. The staff is so KNOWLEDGEABLE and FRIENDLY they all get an A++ from me. I definitely recommend going there for dental care."

Charmaine G. Charmaine G.

"My experience at Perfect Dental was great ! I had some fillings and a cleaning. My teeth haven't been this white in in awhile as for my feelings there were painless. My dentist and the dental assistant were soo kind and very professional. Overall had a Great experience and I'm happy I choose them."

Tiffany R. Tiffany R.

"My boyfriend needed emergency dental care due to an unfortunate cricket accident. Via 1800 dentist, Perfect Dental not knowing the full extent of his dental needs, was able and willing to see him as a new patient within 1 hour of our call on a Saturday afternoon when most dentist offices were closed. The staff and dentist were sympathetic and made him feel at ease immediately. The office was pleasant and clean. Each room had a tv that included Netflix and an array of viewing options for the patients. Overall it was a wonderful experience and Perfect Dental is now his official dentist."

Cami B. Cami B.
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