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If you need dentures in Fort Worth then come and talk to our experienced team at Perfect Dental. We can design and fit a wide range of fixed and removable partial or full dentures, not to mention state-of-the-art, implant-retained dentures that give you back your ability to chew, eat, and speak normally once again.

Losing all or some of your teeth can cause problems with chewing and speaking. It may also affect your facial structures, making you look older than your years. There are, however, a wide range of things that can be done to fully restore your dentition, the most obvious of which is dentures. Fort Worth-based Perfect Dental are here to answer any questions and concerns you have about dentures and the process of obtaining them.

Conventional dentures

Modern-day dentures are far removed from the chunky dentures of old and are more lightweight, lifelike, and comfortable than their older counterparts. Designed to sit on the gum line, 21st-century removable dentures are a cost-effective way of restoring teeth allowing patients to function normally once more. As a non-surgical procedure, opting for removable dentures in Fort Worth provides a good choice for those not wishing to, or unable to, undergo dental implant treatment.

Fort Worth denture repair

While modern dentures are designed to be durable, they can still crack, chip, and break. We have a good relationship with a first class dental laboratory who can repair most types of denture problems. From crack and breakage repair through to realigning and rebasing, contact our Fort Worth team today (insert link to contact us) if you have a broken denture and we’d be happy to take a look.

Denture stabilization with implant-retained dentures

In addition to conventional dentures, here at Perfect Dental, we also offer implant-retained dentures. While ‘standard’ dentures are held in position by suction, an implant-retained denture (as the name suggests) is held in position by a few dental implants which themselves are anchored directly into the jaw bone. Known as denture stabilization this process has numerous advantages over conventional dentures.

While looking totally natural they have the ability to halt the bone loss process that occurs once teeth are missing. This is something that conventional dentures can’t do and is why standard dentures are regularly adjusted as the shape of the face changes. Implant retained dentures can be either removable or fixed dentures. Fort Worth patients who have undergone the process, have noticed typically that once fitted, they no longer suffer from any of the problems associated with conventional dentures. These include:

  • denture discomfort

  • denture slippage and

  • difficulty in eating/chewing certain foods

To find out more about implant-retained dentures, conventional dentures or denture repair in Fort Worth Texas, give Perfect Dental a call at (817) 286 0044 and let’s discuss your options.

Our Happy Patients

"Really great staff!!! I walked in with pain and left feeling so much better. They took x-rays with my little girl safely in the next room where I could hear her watching TV. Then the doctor came in and gave me a treatment plan, which includes me seeing an oral surgeon and overdue cleaning. The staff is so KNOWLEDGEABLE and FRIENDLY they all get an A++ from me. I definitely recommend going there for dental care."

Charmaine G. Charmaine G.

"My experience at Perfect Dental was great ! I had some fillings and a cleaning. My teeth haven't been this white in in awhile as for my feelings there were painless. My dentist and the dental assistant were soo kind and very professional. Overall had a Great experience and I'm happy I choose them."

Tiffany R. Tiffany R.

"My boyfriend needed emergency dental care due to an unfortunate cricket accident. Via 1800 dentist, Perfect Dental not knowing the full extent of his dental needs, was able and willing to see him as a new patient within 1 hour of our call on a Saturday afternoon when most dentist offices were closed. The staff and dentist were sympathetic and made him feel at ease immediately. The office was pleasant and clean. Each room had a tv that included Netflix and an array of viewing options for the patients. Overall it was a wonderful experience and Perfect Dental is now his official dentist."

Cami B. Cami B.
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