Good Oral Health Habits Prevent Halloween Cavities

Good Oral Health Habits Prevent Halloween Cavities

October 30, 2017


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Sharing Halloween treats with your kids after a fun evening of trick or treating provides parents with a great way to bond with their little ones, but this tradition has one huge downside — all that sugar has the potential to cause cavities. That sweet, delicious candy delights the taste buds while also feeding harmful bacteria on the teeth and promoting acid that erodes tooth enamel.

While that might turn you off the idea of enjoying Halloween night with your children, don't fret — Perfect Dental Fort Worth has you covered. These handy tips can help you enjoy a worry-free evening visiting with neighbors while your little pirates, princesses, ghosts and goblins take pleasure in filling up their goodie bags.

  1. Plan Ahead. Creating good habits ensures your children know what to expect on Halloween and understand your reasons for limiting their sugar intake. Start as you mean to go with smaller children by explaining that limiting the amount of treats they eat in one sitting means they have more for later. This gets them in the habit of delaying gratification and makes it easier to pull the bag away at bedtime on the big night. Talk with older children about the dangers of sugar over-consumption, both for the teeth and body in general. By planning ahead, you can derail disappointment and foster better eating and dental habits.
  2. Choose Carefully. Children typically bring home a wide array of sugary goodness after trekking through surrounding neighborhoods or visiting an organized Halloween function. This makes it especially important for you to sort through their loot and cull any super-sticky candy that might be lurking within. It's a good idea to withhold hard candies that take a long time to melt in the mouth and sticky treats that cling to the teeth. To make the evening more fun, trade out these potentially problematic candies for small toys or coupons that your little one can trade in for trips to the playground or other fun activities.
  3. Time Treats Wisely. Get your children in the habit of enjoying their Halloween haul right after dinner instead of letting them snack throughout the day. Since eating increases saliva production, sugary treats have less likelihood of clinging to the teeth after mealtime.
  4. Rinse the mouth after eating candy. Give your childre water to wash down the candies rather than sugary drinks, and when they finish, have them rinse out their mouths with water to remove any residue that might be left behind. Have them brush and floss their teeth half an hour to an hour after eating to remove any remaining candy and prevent tooth decay.

  5. Drink plenty of water. Encouraging your family to drink plenty of water will help them digest candy and sweets with proficiency. Water is necessary for all digestion and absorption functions also staying hydrated decreases hunger.

  6. Remember to brush. Brushing is the best way to remove cavity-causing plaque and other debris from your teeth. Make sure to brush twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste. Remember to replace your toothbrush every three or four months, or as soon as the bristles are frayed.

  7. Don’t forget to floss. flossing removes hard-to-reach food particles from between the teeth, and that flossing helps keep both teeth and gums healthy! Make sure to floss daily.

With just a little forethought and follow through, Halloween trick or treating helps you build lasting traditions with your little ones and create memories that last a lifetime. Ensure your teeth and your children's last just as long by scheduling preventive care at Perfect Dental Fort Worth. Make an appointment by calling (817) 286-0044 Monday through Saturday, or use the online form at our website to ask any questions you may have concerning our services.

If you find yourself with far more candy than your family can eat or share with friends, consider letting your kids bring in their extra candy and take advantage of the Perfect Dental Fort Worth Candy Buyback event. They can exchange their candy for other goodies by visiting our office during normal hours between November 1st the the 8th.

Here at Perfect Dental Forth Worth, we value your Halloween enjoyment and good dental practices. Have fun out there whether it's your first holiday experience with your child or an ongoing tradition, and be sure to wear reflective clothing and watch out for traffic and other trick or treaters.